Unmatched quality flowers

By offering you CBD flowers and products of unrivaled quality in Europe and solutions as complete as they are diverse, CBD Farmers has only one ambition: satisfy yours! Our values ​​? Transparency, reliability and attention to detail...

A caring and natural Production

At CBD Farmers, we are committed to providing the best possible quality genetics that are unmatched in the European CBD market. For this, we have selected innovative genetics, while remaining 100% natural. An aspect that continues during production, our plants being cultivated thanks to a fully organic agriculture. They grow up on a family farm in Italy, managed by certified master growers, who have been working on cannabis genetics for over ten years. Their priority? The plant and its well-being. They therefore practice hydroponics or soil cultivation depending on the varieties and their needs, and grow them in a greenhouse. This way, plants can enjoy the sun while being protected from bad weather and pests. As passionate as they are meticulous, our partners then work the plant by hand, from manicure to packaging, including sorting.

An eco-friendly approach

Because our concern for natural production is not limited to the plant, CBD Farmers is committed to the environment a little more every day, especially with its working methods. Not content with being certified organic and refusing the use of synthetic terpenes, we have also made the choice to grow some genetics in greenhouses for the energy savings that they allow and recycle wastewater.

The result of a rigorous monitoring

In Italy as in France, CBD Farmers flowers are receiving the greatest attention. In order to produce the best quality on the market, we carefully follow every step of the process, from seed selection to packaging. This rigorous monitoring is all the more important for us as it allows us to be as transparent as possible with our customers regarding production conditions, and to provide them with as much information as possible.

Total transparency

With this in mind, we have opted for total transparency vis-à-vis our customers. In order to certify the quality of our products, our genetics are analyzed twice in a laboratory approved by the Italian government, then in an Austrian laboratory approved by the European court and therefore recognized by the European customs services.