At CBD Farmers, our only concern is that you have none. That is why we are committed to providing plants and products of unparalleled quality, and why we provide our customers with as much information as possible about the origin and production conditions of our genetics.


Our flowers are produced in a family farm in Italy, managed by certified master growers. With over ten years of experience in cannabis genetics, they work the plant by hand with the greatest delicacy and place its well-being at the center of each decision. That is why they practice hydroponics, soil or greenhouse cultivation depending on the needs of each variety. From the selection of the seeds to the packaging of the finished product, we meticulously follow each step of the process so that you can receive your flowers with your eyes closed.


Soaked in CBD oil before being coated with hash and pollen, Moon Rocks have smooth buds and a higher concentration of CBD with more pronounced effects than traditional flowers. We offer Moon Rocks in different colors and flavors, with or without CBG, depending on your needs.


Sublingual oils allow direct absorption of CBD for more efficiency. Very pleasant in direct consumption, its different flavors (coconut, mint, orange ...) also offer hundreds of possibilities in cooking. We offer oils with several levels of concentration, available in different sizes of bottles at your convenience.


Extracted from hemp plants, the resin is the first CBD concentrate produced by man. Consumable in different ways, it has a higher CBD concentration than flowers. At CBD Farmers, we produce different varieties of hash, kief and charas whose textures and colors vary according to your business needs.


Some animals like cats and dogs have the same endocannabinoid system as humans, which means they can also benefit from CBD. That explains why we also sell pet oils with different levels of CBD concentration. .


With its regenerative, soothing and even anti-bacterial properties, CBD offers tons of possibilities in cosmetics. At CBD Farmers, we therefore provide you with creams, oils and balms available in different volumes so you can cover as many markets as possible without compromising on quality.